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‘Gold plating’


Karalux launching a mysterious black gold iPhone 6s

Karalux continue to launch a mysterious black gold-plated version of iPhone 6s. It might be the world’s first iPhone 6s which is gold-plated with black gold. Shortly after Apple officially sell the first iPhone 6s and 6s plus, Karalux’s engineers Read more …


Karalux release the 24K rose gold-plated iPhone 6s

Karalux – a firm specializing in customizing and gold-plate gifts, supercars – have just released a luxurious rose gold version of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s after introducing their 24K gold-plated version. In the first introduction of iPhone 6s and Read more …


Karalux introduce the gold-plated iPhone 6s

Besides releasing chocolate gold and black gold versions of iPhones, Karalux continue to launch a luxurious gold-plated iPhone 6S with 24K gold. On Sept. 25th 2015, only hours after Apple officially sell the first iPhone 6s and 6s plus, Karalux’s Read more …


Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition 24K gold plated in Vietnam by Karalux

A luxurious Range Rover supercar looks more appealing and unique with a gold covering layer. Range Rover is the luxurious and famous car series from Britain. In Range Rover car series, no one is as luxurious and expensive as Autobiography Ultimate Read more …


VinaTAB introduce another special 24K gold plated Rolls-Royce Phantom

Right after finishing hit Ly dragon carved and 24K gold plated Rolls – Royce Phantom, engineers of the Karalux continues to design another version for a new Phantom in Vietnam to celebrate Liberation ceremony.   >> Read more: Rolls Royce Phantom 24k gold plated Read more …