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Gold plating technology: Data sheet need to know

From the Old English word “geolo” meaning yellow, gold is probably one of the oldest metals first utilized by ancient metal workers . It’s chemical symbol Au comes from the latin word “aurum” which loosely translated means “golden dawn”. Gold adornment dating back to 3000 b.c. still survive today as testament to the nobility and beauty of fine gold.

 Gold – data sheet
Melting temperature 1947.9 degrees F
Finish appearance pale yellow to orange yellow, there are over 30 colors and tints commercially available.
Typical plating Thickness 0.5 microns – 3.0 microns, up to 7.0 microns for some applications
Plating hardness 24kt color soft to hard *- can be adjusted to variety of specifications
Plating hardness 18kt color soft to medium * – moderate scratch resistance
Plating hardness 14kt color medium to hard * – good resistance to scratches and incidental abrasion
Corrosion resistance excellent – The higher the karat gold and layer thickness the greater the long term resistance to oxidation and discoloring
Cost per troy oz. ranges from $345-$450
* Gold plating finishes can be made very hard by adding an alloy to the formula, however, in some cases this could limit the maximum layer thickness that could plated due to embrittlement of the plated layer.

MIL-G-45204C goldplating standards

For engineering applications, we offer specialty platings that comply with MIL-G45204C standards.

Plating finishes – gold

Type 1

Type 2

99.7% gold minimum

99.0 gold minimum

Plating thickness – gold




Class 0



Class 1



Class 2



Class 3



Plating hardness – gold


Knoop  hardness


Grade A


type 1

Grade B        


type 1 and type 2

Grade C

130 – 200

type 1 and type 2

All gold plating services that utilize MIL-G-45204C for engineering applications are by quote only.

If you have a decorative item that you would like to have plated with gold, please navigate to the pricing page. We have provided a price estimate on our most frequently plated items. Of course the pricing estimates serve only as a guide. We will be happy to provide you with firm pricing after we have examined the actual piece.

If you are interested in learning more detail about the electroplating process, we invite you to visit our faqs page located on this web site.

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