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‘Gold plating technology’


Karalux release the 24K rose gold-plated iPhone 6s

Karalux – a firm specializing in customizing and gold-plate gifts, supercars – have just released a luxurious rose gold version of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s after introducing their 24K gold-plated version. In the first introduction of iPhone 6s and Read more …


Karalux introduce the gold-plated iPhone 6s

Besides releasing chocolate gold and black gold versions of iPhones, Karalux continue to launch a luxurious gold-plated iPhone 6S with 24K gold. On Sept. 25th 2015, only hours after Apple officially sell the first iPhone 6s and 6s plus, Karalux’s Read more …

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Gold plating technology: Data sheet need to know

From the Old English word “geolo” meaning yellow, gold is probably one of the oldest metals first utilized by ancient metal workers . It’s chemical symbol Au comes from the latin word “aurum” which loosely translated means “golden dawn”. Gold Read more …