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Be professional with 24K gold plated bike in Vietnam

Karalux specializing in customizing gifts and gold-plating phones and supercars introduce an original mountain bike version which is luxuriously gold-plated in Vietnam. So far, gold-plating phones, supercars, and villas has not been strange to Vietnamese. And it has been a Read more …


Karalux announced the price of gold-plated Apple Watch with 24K gold

Right after Apple officially unveiled its smartwatch – Apple Watch, Karalux specializing in customizing phones and gold-plating supercars also officially announced the price of 24K gold-plating service for this product. Apple’s wearable device is named iWatch which is announced by Read more …


Vina TAB runs out of 24K gold-plated roses on Women day

Regularly, on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day or Vietnamese Women Day, 24K gold-plated roses with Karalux trademark of VinaTAB are all run out of. “The price of 24K gold-plated roses is quite high. The lowest price, Read more …


Karalux introduce a first gold-plated iPhone 6 version with chocolate gold all over the world

Specializing customizing gifts, phones and gold-plating supercar, Karalux continues announcing an originally strange-looking gold-plated iPhone 6 with chocolate gold. iPhone 6 can upgrade its luxury by coating a gold layer. Especially, every customer has his/her own tastes, some people like Read more …

Sony Xperia Z2 is 24K gold plated with unique floral patterns

Sony Xperia Z2 is 24K gold plated with unique floral patterns

Sony Experia with beautiful design, powerful performance, and high-quality camera is more perfect after adding a 24K gold layer. Specializing in processing and gold plating phones and supercars, Royal Gold / Mavang.vn continues to introduce a unique and strange-looking design Read more …