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Ducati 848 Evo

Karalux introduces the unique 24k gold-plated Ducati 848 Evo in Vietnam

Specializing in customize gold-plated gifts and supercars; Karalux Vietnam continues to introduce a unique 24k gold-plated Ducati 848 Evo2 sportbike. This is the first Ducati in Vietnam and around the world is 24K gold plated. It takes nearly 2 consecutive Read more …


Consulting to apply biogas cellar using composit material

Experiencing long periods of model development to build organic waste silo and generate heat source serving households, most households chose to build silos with cement and bricks. Through several researches which were applied in Vietnam, we would point out  the Read more …


Consult and investment in household equipments with using biogas project

1. The main objective of the project. The processing organic waste model is nearly 30 years old in Vietnam. Over a long time with a lot of change in technology, people know how to build waste cellar with various of Read more …

gold plating, gold plating service

A short history of electroplating

The early history of electrodeposition of precious metals onto lesser metal can be reliably traced back to around 1800. Italian chemist and university professor Luigi Brugnatelli, is considered by many as the first person to utilize gold in the electroplating Read more …

gold plating, gold plating service

Gold plating technology: Data sheet need to know

From the Old English word “geolo” meaning yellow, gold is probably one of the oldest metals first utilized by ancient metal workers . It’s chemical symbol Au comes from the latin word “aurum” which loosely translated means “golden dawn”. Gold Read more …