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gold plating, gold plating service

Gold – Au: Types of decorative gold plating available

The decorative use of fine gold for protecting and enhancing metal objects has enjoyed an ancient and rich tradition. Long before the invention of modern electroplating processes, craft persons would use an amalgam of mercury and powdered gold to “gild” Read more …

gold plating, gold plating service

Looking for a high quality gold plating and electroplating service?

We welcome you to the home page of VinaTAB. Since 2011 we have specialized in the the custom gold plating and electroplating of fine metal objects for clients and individuals working in the jewelry, goldsmithing, and the professional trades. Our Read more …


VinaTAB introduces a shiny gold plated Samsung Ego S9402

Samsung Ego S9402 is a unique and senior phone series. Ego S9402 is more luxurious with a coating a 24K gold layer. Samsung is officially launched in 2009 and is primarily designed for phone market in Russia. Immediately thereafter S9402 Ego Read more …


We are a “White Hat” SEO Company

We figure out what you need, how to reduce the cost, and increase your return on investment (ROI). Everything we do becomes a streamlined process, allowing us to provide professional marketing strategies at affordable prices. If you are looking for Read more …


Unique Lumia 930 Gold Limited Edition in Vietnam

The firm which specializes in customizing phones and gold plate supercars, VinaTAB/ Karalux has just launched a Lumia 930 Gold version with unique carved patterns in Vietnam. Microsoft has officially launched the Lumia 930 into Vietnamese market. This is first smartphone version of Microsoft Read more …