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Our Projects

1. VinaTAB Multi-Dimensional Imaging Technology

VinaTAB Multi-Dimensional Imaging Technology: Award Winning 360 Degrees 3D Display

VinaTAB Corporation, a specialist in 3D omni-directional immersive video technology based in Ames, Iowa showed their 8K spherical 360 Degrees 3D display at the 3D Entertainment Summit. Advancing today’s 3D display system, VinaTAB creates a full spherical environment where viewers are inside this 360 Degrees panoramic dome theaters. Founder and President of VinaTAB, Mr Ngoc says, “We are ultimately taking the way people interact with games and 3D entertainment to a whole new level.”

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2. Gold Plating

Gold Plating Services is the world’s leading innovator and supplier for electroplating equipment, supplies and services. Our exclusive electroplating equipment and special gold formula are unique in the industry. We offer unparalleled, all inclusive kits for brush plating and bath plating.

We have been providing quality electroplating supplies and services for over 3 years. Our passion for plating is at the heart of our company. Attached is a copy of our vision statement to let you know how important quality products and incredible customer service are to our company.

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2. Biogas project

Vietnam were classified as developing countries. In fact, raw materials for industries are primarily imported and  small portion of it is self-supplied.  Besides that, environmental pollution and ineffecient using resources are the problems of the country. Due to those two reasons, the developing of clean energy which is safe and friendly to environment is on top priority for ambitious companies in this area. Based on those advantages and opportunities, VinaTAB has invested in developing clean energy sources. The company has cooperated with agencies and organizations to implement several programs in large-scale to deploy hundreds of thousands of waste treating waste models, providing the new energy to millions of Vietnamese people. Furthermore, VinaTab is also known as a business focus on developing innovative products with using clean fuel. And all the function of products is associated with the daily lives of people.