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VinaTAB join stock company is one of the leading new technology production companies in Vietnam. Starting with strategy:

Developing based on applying new technology and talented human resource. VinaTAB company just completed the fourth year of development but the growth rate is much higher than other companies in the same field. Following strategy: advanced knowledge and technology is advantages to compete for long term growth. In just 4 years, VinaTAB has successfully developed four key areas: high-tech casting and 24K gold plating on almost metal surface; developing technology for exploit new energy sources; developing 3D application in practice and marketing services. All managers in our company are senior specialists with practical experience and extensive knowledge in their fields. That is one of the main factors that contributes in bringing VinaTAB to the leading positio in the its business field.

1. Marketing services:

This is a product segment which not only support internal business operation but also provides high quality and efficient marketing service packages to customers. Although product segments of VinaTAB are quite different, marketing services have connected all of them into one. Business perspective which combines profit gain purpose and social activities makes company’s products alike government agencies working for community’s interest. The media packages associated with the use of powerful Search Engine Optimization tools has been the most prestigious package of VinaTAB to support small and medium enterprises in Vietnam.

2. Metal casting and 24k gold plating services:

Almost Vietnamese customers know Karalux brand product’s are the most famous VIP gifts on the market. All products are famous because they are always unique designs and best quality. After 4 years, VinaTAB’s products are display in almost Vietnamese companies, officers and household. All products requires highly qualified and specialized machinery, they are made by morden technology innovation and creativeness, so that some famous products is known over the world like: the gold, alloyed on the car such as Rolls royce, Bentley, BMW, Porsche, Audi … or several 5 stars hotel with 24k gold plating.

3. Development of new energy sources:

Vietnam were classified as developing countries. In fact, raw materials for industries are primarily imported and  small portion of it is self-supplied.  Besides that, environmental pollution and ineffecient using resources are the problems of the country. Due to those two reasons, the developing of clean energy which is safe and friendly to environment is on top priority for ambitious companies in this area. Based on those advantages and opportunities, VinaTAB has invested in developing clean energy sources. The company has cooperated with agencies and organizations to implement several programs in large-scale to deploy hundreds of thousands of waste treating waste models, providing the new energy to millions of Vietnamese people. Furthermore, VinaTab is also known as a business focus on developing innovative products with using clean fuel. And all the function of products is associated with the daily lives of people.

4. Developing 3D Application to morden life:

The 3D design and 3D movies has grown for long time ago, but 3D applications to life is only at the beginning. Realizing the huge potential of using 3D images, VinaTAB’s engineers has created the 3D  applications in a most practical way. These 3D applications has uplied to various objective: they are very usefull in businesses, schools, hospitals. VinaTAB has created a new beginning of the 3D products come to Vietnamese life. This creation has brought VinaTAB achieved a top prize in the exhibition of electronics products VCE 2011