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Domain Registry Services

Registry Services support the industry’s most scalable, reliable resolution and registration systems. Billions of consumers and businesses worldwide rely on VinaTAB every day for access to commerce and communications.

VinaTAB has delivered unmatched performance in DNS services

We provide the routing support for more than 252 million domain names ending with .vn .com, .net, .tv, .name, .cc, .edu and .jobs—up to 1,000 DNS queries a day. More than half (56%) of the world’s DNS hosts rely on the VinaTAB .vn .net and .com infrastructure.
– Our continued commitment to our infrastructure has enabled us to maintain operational accuracy and stability of .com and .net TLD resolution services 100 percent of the time over the past 3 years, and earning us the reputation of being one of the most reliable and trusted networks in the world.
– Our commitment to research and development of critical Internet infrastructure will enable the Internet to keep pace with the world’s increasing reliance on web-based applications and web-connected devices.